One week with the Canon EOSR and Canon 24-105RF f4

Canon Portugal sent me an EOSR with the Canon 24-105RF f4 for me to test, unfortunately it was only possible to stay with it for a little over a week, but I still managed to make the first day of the MEO Mares Vivas Festival where I  am the official photographer, which gave me the opportunity to test it, not only during the assembly of the venue, during the day and in good light, but also at night in concert, which was what I was most interested in seeing.
I had already tried some mirrorless, from other brands, and I confess that I was never very satisfied, certainly never to the point of wanting to change… I had already taken the Canon EOSR once, but only for a few minutes, which was not enough to form an opinion about it.
Being used to work, both in the studio and in concert, with the Canon 5DmkIV, I confess I had some fear of not adapting to the Canon EOSR, especially the digital ViewFinder.
The Canon 24-105RF f4 was another point that freaked me out, I had used the Canon 24-105EF f4 and never felt very satisfied, never felt like a real L series, possibly the one I used might not be in good condition, but at this point the Canon 24-105RF f4 is the most versatile lens and the one with the longest focal length in the RF line. As I am used to working in both studio and concert with the Canon 5DmkIV, I confess I had some fear of not getting  adapted to the Canon EOSR, especially the digital ViewFinder.

The body 
The first thing I noticed was ergonomics, this body fits perfectly in my hand, it’s a body that makes me feel comfortable, and when shooting 3 Day Festivals this is really important.
Even without the grip, which would make it bigger, but even more comfortable and allow me to use two batteries, this body, while smaller and lighter than my 5DmkIV, achieves the level of ergonomics that i have on Canon SLRs.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 400 1/320 f/4 61mm

Nothing to say about this, the menus are pretty much the same as I have on the Canon 5DmkIV, so I don’t need to adapt, it’s the same system I already know.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 320 1/400 f/4 50mm

I was not prepared for such a big evolution! Focus does not fail!
In concerts the auto focus has to overcome some challenges, either because the musician has moved, or the light has changed, or the mic is right there in front, with EOSR I don’t even have to worry about confirming if the image is focused, I can edit it and send it without any problem, the Focus is amazing, and yes, even with the 28-104, this lens is awesome …
The whole focusing system is much faster than SLRs, and much, much more effective.
With more focus points it is easy to find one that suits us, but even when using the center point, with the technique of focusing and reframing the results was surprising.
The fact that we don’t have the focus sensor and the mirror system is a giant leap in terms of focus quality, you can’t go back.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 2500 1/320 f/4 105mm

We all know that mirrorless systems uses more battery, honestly I am not interested in the numbers, the most important thing for me is that I photographed all day, and only changed batteries at night so as not to risk running out of charge, but as I can use the batteries of my 5DMkII and 5DMkIV, which were in the bag, battery is not a problem.
With the grip I believe I would be able to shoot all day and night of the festival without having to change batteries.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 2000 1/160 f/4 91mm

In Canon SLRs we were already used to a fairly high level of customization, but in EOSR the ability to customize the body is even greater, especially with the addition of the third ring on the RF lens, or with the EF lens ring adapter. .
I don’t know why but I never went too far with customizing my SLRs, but with EOSR I felt comfortable risking a little more, and I switched the functions of the buttons to what I felt most comfortable for me.
RF lenses also help to enhance the customization capabilities of the EOSR system, first because we can choose which way we want to focus  in or out, but mainly by adding the third ring.
I chose to use the third ring to control ISO, but it can be used to control aperture or speed.
I loved this third ring, but I would like to see it with a brake so it doesnt  change the settings when I have the body on my shoulder.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 2000 1/160 f/4 85mm

The Adapter Ring 
Just tested the ring that comes with the EOSR, Canon has 3, one to use the F and EF lenses, another that has the third control ring and one that allows the use of filters.
With this ring I used my EF lenses and I felt no difference in lens response, but I felt that the focus is better, since we don’t have the mirror and the focus is better, I don’t have to worry about micro-adjustments anymore because with At EOSR the focus is always perfect.

The 24-105RF f4 L lens

I whave no word to describe this lens, the EOSR system is not just a new body without the traditional SLR mirror, it is a whole new universe of bodies and lenses that together make this new system something extraordinary.
The 24-105 is a very fast lens to focus on and with amazing Sharp, at any focal length the quality is always the same and the results always perfect.

Normal image and 100% crop

EOSR 24-105RF f/4L – ISO 2500 1/320 f/4 26mm


Far beyond the numbers announced by the manufacturer or the “lab” tests, what matters to me is what I feel during the work and the result I get.
This system is, for me, the natural evolution of Canon, this is the future, and do not forget that the Canon EOSR is the first body of this system, what will come next out of Canon?
A camera is a working tool and as such the most important thing is to help me do my job better and easier, and EOSR does that.
My work with EOSR gets easier, better and more consistent, if it has more or less pixels, if it has more or less functions it doesn’t matter, a bad photo will always be a bad photo with 10Mpx or 50Mpx, the important thing is to have tools that help me do a better job and this is EOSR.
Now I will have to exchange my 5DMkII and MkIV for two EOSR … 🙂

This article represents what I felt during the time I was with CanonEOSR and is not sponsored by Canon or any other brand.

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