Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1

Recently I had the opportunity to test the new Fuji X-T2. This time it was only possible to do some tests with natural light and mainly in the street. Although it is not the kind of environment I use to photograph, this first test had as main objective to serve only as the first contact with the equipment, so that in a second test, which I intend to do soon in concert, im already slightly familiar with the menus and buttons Of the X-T2. This text is not meant to be a technical text, I am no expert in engineering and certainly the Fuji engineers must have their reasons for deciding to build the X-T2 as it is, in this text I will only share what I found of the X-T2 and what I felt when I photographed with it. Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1 1 Z fuji xt2 front rangle withGrip Rui Bandeira Fotografia Fotografia de produto e comercial - Fotografia de concertos Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1

Appearance and quality of construction

What pops right into view is the retro look and small size, for those who are accustomed to large and heavy SLRs … The big round buttons on the top of the body are the first thing that catch my attention, on the left side we can select the ISO, this button in addition to looking quite robust has a button in the middle to lock it, what is great to prevent it of inadvertently Change the ISO, this button also serves to choose the shooting mode. On the right side of the body we have another large button, also with a lock, which controls the speed and the measurement mode. Then we have the third large button that serves to control exposure compensation. The shutter button is in the middle of these two last ones and also serves to turn the machine on and off. Another aspect that is quickly perceived is the quality of the construction, even without picking up the X-T2  it is perceived that it is very well built, which is confirmed after picking it up for the first time, balanced, very light, which, for those who, like me, come from an SLR is a blessing. Even without checking the weight I believe I can say that the X-T2 with grip and with the lens XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR is lighter than my Canon 70-200 f2 .8L II lens.

Use and ergonomics

Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1 5 img main02 Rui Bandeira Fotografia Fotografia de produto e comercial - Fotografia de concertos Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1 At first it seemed like it would be difficult to use, for someone like me who uses canon for some years it was a shock to look at the X-T2 and try to figure out where the commands were and what they were for. However, it was quick to adapt, at least to understand the basic commands like ISO, Speed, Aperture, which are available in the buttons on the body of the machine. When I ventured to navigate the menu everything was different from what Im used to, but also there I quickly found my way, of course I did not dominate the equipment, and to change some parameters I had to stop and think, but I was able to do what Wanted without help. During use it is very easy to change the parameters, the buttons on the top of the body are well positioned and are very easy to use, the “dial” button is also well positioned. The screen has good quality, at least itgood to use the menu, to view the images neither better nor worse than the one found in other equipment, for me the small screens are not the best choice to verify the quality of the images … Using the X-T2 with the grip makes all the difference. First it allows greater autonomy, since it makes possible the use of more batteries, this is a point that can be critical, according to what I could read the autonomy of the X-T2, it will not be big, supposedly each battery lasts about 340 Shots, of course this is always relative and also depends on the use of the screen, for example, this is something that I intend to test better in the next test. The grip also gives more ergonomics to the equipment, and has a shutter button and one “dial” just like on the body. One thing I did not liked very much was the position of the trigger button on the grip, when I use the X-T2 in the horizontal position more than once, I inadvertently triggered the grip button with the palm of the hand, even having a brake It is not very practical to have to unlock the button when we need it, but this is another situation that I will certainly see better in a concert test.


Better than talking about the images its to show some of the tests I did, but one thing I noticed when I downloaded the images to the computer was its size … the 24M sensor produces RAWs with about 48M which might Indicate that the RAW files has tons of information … I made images under and over exposed to see where the dynamic range of the sensor is capable off … Highlight recovery test Shadow Recovery Test Focus test, without tripod ISO 500, 1/250 f2.8
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Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1 33 Rui Bandeira Fotografia Mariza Coliseu do Porto MG 5140 Rui Bandeira Fotografia Fotografia de produto e comercial - Fotografia de concertos Fuji X-T2 teste parte 1

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