Chocolate cookies – BTS

Fotografia de comida
Chocolate cookies- BTS

I went to the studio just with the idea of photographing the cookies on a wooden background, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, I had no plans for how I was going to do this, so I tried several ideas, some of them I ended up abandoning.


I started by choosing the backgrounds for the image.
I had already decided that I wanted a wooden background and I knew that I had, in the studio, some old wooden tables and plaques that would be ideas for the idea that I had, for the image, I chose to use the table as a base and a plaque. wood as a background.
I got a small piece of shale to make as a plate and chose the cookies with more chocolate chips, separated the smaller and “ugly” cookies to undo them to create the crumbs.
I started to test the positioning of the cookies, even if at this stage, not yet in a final way, for now I could start building the light, and then I could get everything tunned.

Bolachas de chocolate
For this image I wanted a simple light, but one that could create volume and texture in the cookies, one concern was to control the light that reaches the bottom, because I didn’t want too much light in the background.
I decided to use a flash, on the left, with a grid to direct the light, and for the light to be softer I added a sheet of paper between the light and the cookies.
On the right side I added a white reflector, to reflect some of the main light.
At a certain point I still tested a light, just for the bottom, with gel, but I ended up not using it.
To measure the light I used the light meter from Sekonic.

Final Styling

After finishing the lights, I finished styling the image, added the crumbs, adjusted the position of the cookies and added a piece of rope at the bottom, to create some noise at the bottom, as I started by making the image at the top, I added, too , a cloth at the bottom, to create more texture.

These images were practically unedited, I adjusted the colors, using the colorcheker image, adjusted the levels and added a personalized Style.

Chocolate cookies - BTS 3 Bolachas Choco05937 Rui Bandeira Fotografia Rui Bandeira Fotografia Fotografia de produto e comercial - Fotografia de concertos Chocolate cookies - BTS

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