We are working following safety standards

Here, we continue, paying special attention to the security measures imposed by the DGS, however, whenever possible we photograph the products, of ourcustomers, without the customer having to be present.

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embalagem de transporte para mascaras

Instagram Giveaway

After making the photos for these transport packs for protective masks, from Crições MLB we have two to offer our followers onInstagram.Our Instagram @rui_bandeira_fotografia

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novo site online

New Site online

The new site is already online. We opted for a darker model, so that the images get more prominence. In addition to new images, in the portfolios, we now have an online store where we have for sale some images, training packs and more that we will have available soon.

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Pedro Abrunhosa Vens de Carrinho

Pedro Abrunhosa – “Vens de Carrinho”

On the past 22nd, Pedro Abrunhosa gave a very special concert.A concert in the Drive In format, at Luis de Matos Estudio 33.It was a night that will go down in history.Here are some of the images I made.

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I was challenged by Canon Portugal

I was challenged by Canon Portugal to create an image with everyday material, which we always have at home.This was the process. And this was the result.

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Spiffy Lumiee

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Discovering the EOSR

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colorfoto expo

Expo at Colorfoto

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