Porto Drum Show

On April 1, Porto hosted the first edition of the Porto Drum Show.The guest drummers were the Germans Benny Greb, Claus Hessler and the Englishman Kaz Rodriguez, names more than enough to justify the full house, mostly, of drummers who, even on a public holiday, did not miss.The event was also attended by some of the most important brands in the market.I was the photographer of the event, but there are no photos capable of transmitting everything that happened on […]

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How i made the “Fructis” image

How i made the “Fructis” image I decided to make this image for my product portfolio, I think it is important to build images with total creative freedom, without having to follow a customer’s needs, because thais  way we can experiment and look for new concepts. I already had the Fructis champoo containers in the studio for a long time to make an image with them and also had the mirrors even longer, so I decided to make this image […]

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Adam Ben Ezra em Espinho

Today, when I went to photograph Adam Ben Ezra at Espinho’s Music Academy, I was expecting great concert, but what I saw was pure magic.Watching the genius of Adam Ben Ezra is a privilege.The way Ben uses the new technology, like samples and delays to bring the Double Bass of the XV century, not for the present but for to future is breathtaking.Time flew by, but I’m sure the audience that filled the room would be there for a few […]

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Race car_Rui Bandeira Fotografia_JUNO@Rui Bandeira Fotografia_104A7898

Juno Racing Cars – Mercury R” car (CN racing SportPrototype)

After photographing Juno’s fantastic Formula Ford, I went back to photograph the imposing Mercury R ”car (CN racing SportPrototype).This car created another type of challenge, but it was also a fantastic experience. Here are some of the images we made. Photo:Rui BandeiraAgency:Darwin & WarholClient: Juno Racing Cars For those who do not know Juno here is a summary of its history: Juno Racing Cars  was founded by former Williams F1 coach Ewan Baldry in 1999. The factory’s first car, the […]

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Formula Ford RuiBandeiraFotografia_fotografia-de-concertos_porto_fotografia-de-produto

Juno Racing Cars – Formula Ford

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to photograph racing cars.I recently had the privilege of photographing Formula Ford of Juno Racing Cars.Photographing such cars is a huge challenge, but it is also a huge pleasure. I publish here some of the images we made. Photography:Rui BandeiraAgency:Darwin & WarholClient: Juno Racing Cars

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The advantage of WiFi in the Cam for concerts

As soon as i received my Canon 5DMkIV, I turned off the Wifi.I thought that it would not be very useful to me and that it would only serve to drain the batteries quickly.As I divide my work between studio and concerts, the WiFi did not seem very useful to me.In studio the USB cable was perfect for working with tethered to the computer; in concerts the WiFi also did not seem to me of great utility. But even so, […]

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Hähnel Pro Cube2

Hähnel Pro Cube2 Review

hanks to Hähnel and Comercialfoto for sending me this Hähnel Pro Cube2 for this test. This test is not sponsored, and reflects my experience with the Hähnel Pro Cube2 . In recent years we have seen a demand for lighter and smaller cameras, and manufacturers have responded to that demand, mainly with mirrorless cameras, but despite the concern, on the part of photographers, to have less weight hanging from their necks or shoulders the same has not happened with what we […]

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