Festival F 2018

Festival F is the last major summer festival.3 days of a lot of Portuguese music, there is no better way to end the summer!

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Pedro Abrunhosa at Cascais

Pedro Abrunhosa in CascaisOnce again a sea of people to see and hear Pedro Abrunhosa.The images speak for themselves…

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MEO Sudoeste 2018

This year I returned to MEO Sudoeste.It has been many days and many images remain here just a few …

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Pedro Abrunhosa with the Casa da Musica Symphony Orchestra

Pedro Abrunhosa with the Casa da Musica Symphony Orchestra, it may seem like a strange encounter, but it was actually a unique and magical moment. It will certainly remain in the memory of all who attended. The reahearsals   The show

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Amor Electro in Afurada

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with, more, one of my favorite Portuguese bands, Amor Electro. It is not possible to transfer all the energy they put on stage to the image. They are a band that gives everything and really connects to the public in a very unique way. Thank you for trusting my work. Here is a small sample of the images I made.

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Meo Mares Vivas 2018

The Meo Mares Vivas 2018was entitled to a new house.We stayed close to the old house, and continued close to the Douro River.The space has grown, and represents a turning point in the festival.Here is a short summary of this year … July 20  July 21st July 22

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AMA Design

I made the images for the new catalog and for the exhibition stand in South Korea for AMA Design. AMA Design is a company born in 2013 that aims to assert itself in the market for the production of functional and decorative pieces for the most diverse areas, betting on innovation and mixing traditional materials with modern materials. These are some of the images I made of the AMA Design pieces. These and other images are already available on the […]

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North Music Festival 2018

The North Music Festival 2018 moved to Porto.The Alfandega building became the new home for this festival.I was invited to be the official photographer and these images are a small summary of what happened …

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Mariza at the Porto Coliseum

Yesterday I went to photograph Mariza at the Porto Coliseum.Another great show and another completely filled Colosseum.These are some of the images I made.

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Parkside_concert photography_fotografia de concerto_fotografia de produto_product photography_Porto

Parkside – hot glue gun

Product photography is something that gives me a lot of pleasure, when I have the opportunity and the freedom to create an image that pleasure is even greater. Image of a Hot Glue Gun from Parkside.

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