Pedro Abrunhosa Vens de Carrinho

Pedro Abrunhosa – “Vens de Carrinho”

On the past 22nd, Pedro Abrunhosa gave a very special concert.A concert in the Drive In format, at Luis de Matos Estudio 33.It was a night that will go down in history.Here are some of the images I made.

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Eternity - Calvin Clein

How i made and edited the image “Eternity perfume”

How i made and edited the image “Eternity perfume” When I decided to make this image of a bottle of perfume by Calvin Klein, Eternity, I knew that I wanted a flash of light coming out from behind the bottle and I knew that I wanted the background color close to the color of the liquid. I started to try to build the image I had in mind, without knowing how I could even get to what I was looking […]

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I was challenged by Canon Portugal

I was challenged by Canon Portugal to create an image with everyday material, which we always have at home.This was the process. And this was the result.

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Meo Mares Vivas 2018

The Meo Mares Vivas 2018was entitled to a new house.We stayed close to the old house, and continued close to the Douro River.The space has grown, and represents a turning point in the festival.Here is a short summary of this year … July 20  July 21st July 22

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Mariza Braga

Mariza – Bom Jesus

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Spiffy Lumiee

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