Hähnel Pro Cube2

Hähnel Pro Cube2 Review

hanks to Hähnel and Comercialfoto for sending me this Hähnel Pro Cube2 for this test. This test is not sponsored, and reflects my experience with the Hähnel Pro Cube2 . In recent years we have seen a demand for lighter and smaller cameras, and manufacturers have responded to that demand, mainly with mirrorless cameras, but despite the concern, on the part of photographers, to have less weight hanging from their necks or shoulders the same has not happened with what we […]

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PROGRADE DIGITAL announces faster CFEXPRESS™ TYPE B memory cards and higher capacities with read speeds of 1,700MB/S and REFRESH PRO™ software support*

CFexpress Cobalt Cards Provide Minimum Sustained Write Speeds of 1,400MB/s plus ability to monitor card health and refresh cards to factory-fresh condition San Jose, CA June 09, 2020, 8:00 am —ProGrade Digital, Inc., founded with a mission to provide the highest quality professional grade digital memory cards and workflow solutions, announces its new CFexpress™ Type B cards. First demonstrated by the company in April 2018 at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) Las Vegas, CFexpress Type B offers next-generation memory […]

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Review – dBud earplugs for concert photographers

Review – dBud earplugs for concert photographers I am not going to talk about the problems that being exposed to high levels of sound can cause to our ears, I believe that if you are reading this article it is because you are already aware of the risks and are looking for a solution to protect your ears. When I started photographing concerts, I used  foam earplugs that can be bought in any store, but they  spoil the sound and […]

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Pedro Abrunhosa - Noites de Verão Gaia

Pedro Abrunhosa – Noites de Verão Gaia

Pedro Abrunhosa and Comité Caviar gave a concert that will remain in the memory of all who attended.Usually Pedro Abrunhosa’s and Comité Caviar concerts are big parties, but this one in particular, being at this time of contention was even more special.At the end, during the last song, Pedro Abrunhosa invited the audience to go out, one row at a time, as it was done in the other concerts of the Summer Nights Gaia, only this time, Pedro Abrunhosa and […]

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Ana Moura - Noites de Verão Gaia

Ana Moura – Noites de Verão Gaia

I got to photograph Ana Moura’s concert at Noites de Verão Gaia. It was great to be back to photograph a concert by Ana Moura.

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Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 in concert photography

Canon EOS R5 in concert photography First of all I want to thank Canon Portugal for lending me an EOSR5 for this test in concert photography, and also to Mariza and her team for giving me the opportunity to test the EOS R5 during their concert. The model was Pre-Production, but it would already be close to the final model. This article is not sponsored or commissioned by Canon, this article represents what I really felt when using the Canon […]

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Mariza - Noites de Verão Gaia

Mariza – Noites de Verão Gaia

At a time when there are few shows, it is a privilege to be able to go and photograph a concert, but when that concert is from Mariza then it is even more special.On Saturday I went to photograph Mariza’s concert at the Gaia Summer Night Festival.Having Mariza’s confidence in my work is a responsibility, but also an encouragement to continue working and to overcome this strange times that we live in.The concert, as expected, was fantastic, here are some […]

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The Black Mamba – Noites do Palácio

On Saturday I went to do some photos for my friends The Black Mamba.Unfortunately I was only able to stay for about 20 minutes, but it was great to hear Blues live again.These are some of the images I made.

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We are working following safety standards

Here, we continue, paying special attention to the security measures imposed by the DGS, however, whenever possible we photograph the products, of ourcustomers, without the customer having to be present.

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embalagem de transporte para mascaras

Instagram Giveaway

After making the photos for these transport packs for protective masks, from Crições MLB we have two to offer our followers onInstagram.Our Instagram @rui_bandeira_fotografia https://youtu.be/PnRQuB2wGzk

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