Rui veloso

Rui Veloso Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo

Rui Veloso Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo Concerts are back, and they came back in complete safety. And what better way to return to the concerts than with Rui Veloso? Here are some of the images I made.

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L´Eau D´Issey

How i made the image: “L´Eau D´Isse”

In this video I show the whole process to make the image “L´Eau D´Issey”

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Headphones azuis

How i made the image “Blues Phones”

In this video i show how i made the image “Blues Phones”

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How i shot and edited the Rexona image.

For this image I decided to test a technique with water and some splashes, but with this technique the Rexona packaging would be submerged in water and the splashes of water would be made in water. As normal, whenever I photograph with water, I was careful not to let any water reach any electrical equipment.

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Eternity - Calvin Clein

How i made the secound “Eternity” image

for this, second, image of the Calvin Klein perfume bottle, Eternity, I decided to use water for the bottom, and I also chose to create some green tones in the water. I left a lot of “empty” space in the image to let the bottle “breathe” and also to maintain an advertising feel, where the text could enter the empty space. My first concern was to keep water away from electrical equipment, and also to keep the floor dry, to […]

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XP-PEN Deco mini7W

XP-PEN Deco mini7W Review

XP-PEN Deco mini7W Review XP-Pen has just launched its new tablet, the Deco mini7w, a small but powerful table and the fact that it connects wirelessly to the computer makes this table much easier to use and much more versatile.I just had to test it, and when XP-Pen sent me this one to test it I was completely delighted with it.I’ve been editing my images with a pen for a long time, with the mouse I can’t get the level […]

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Eternity - Calvin Clein

How i made and edited the image “Eternity perfume”

How i made and edited the image “Eternity perfume” When I decided to make this image of a bottle of perfume by Calvin Klein, Eternity, I knew that I wanted a flash of light coming out from behind the bottle and I knew that I wanted the background color close to the color of the liquid. I started to try to build the image I had in mind, without knowing how I could even get to what I was looking […]

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Carlos do Carmo

Carlos do Carmo 1939-2021

Carlos do Carmo 1939-2021 What will become of fado? Portugal lost its voice.

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Fotografia de comida

Chocolate cookies – BTS

Chocolate cookies- BTS I went to the studio just with the idea of photographing the cookies on a wooden background, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, I had no plans for how I was going to do this, so I tried several ideas, some of them I ended up abandoning. Preparation I started by choosing the backgrounds for the image. I had already decided that I wanted a wooden background and I knew that I had, in the studio, […]

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Cristina Manso Preto

Images for the new book, “Doces” from Cristina Manso Preto

I  had the privilege, again, of making the images for Cristina Manso Preto’s new book “Doces” This time we had to deal with the limitations of the pandemic, but we managed to do everything as we wanted. Thank you very much to Cristina for trusting my work again, thank you to Porto Editora and Victor Gonçalves for also continuing to entrust me with the responsibility of making all the images for the book, thank you to Marta Garrido for taking […]

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