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My name is Rui Bandeira.
I was born in Porto and from an early age I had contact with photography, I was always fascinated by the way some photographers photograph banal things in an interesting and appealing way, however, at the time it didn’t even cross my mind that it was possible to become a professional photographer.

I studied at the Porto Music Conservatory and was a professional musician for several years, during this time photography was in the background, and it was just a way to record some holidays or trips.Later on, music became one of my main areas of photography.

I do not remember how the decision to become a professional photographer happened, it was something that happened, and when I realized that photography was already becoming very important to me.

It was when I needed to rent a studio, to do a job, that I thought I should create my own studio.I started doing product photography but I quickly started doing concert photography, areas where I still work today.

I use and recommend equipment from: