bts – Water Solán de Cabras EN

A short summary of the criation of the image  Water Solán de Cabras

first the Before and After …

I had a mental idea of the image i wanted to creat, so I started preparing everything i knew i was going to need …

I started by creatingthe improvised “pool”, for it i used a black plastic bag, to try to contain the water without great danger of leaks…

For the light i wanted to use sheets of tracing paper to have a uniform and smooth light.

For this I created three “walls” of paper, one for each side and another to serve as a background, the background was lit with a blue gel.

after some testing i was ready  to prepare the bottle so i could start shooting…
I started by cleaning the bottle well.

Then i prepared the mixture of water and glycerin to create the water droplets.
I did the preparation and test it on a second bottle.

Once satisfied with the mixture i applied it to the final bottle.

and then I hung the bottle on the set using nylon thread

Now i had to start shooting the images i need to create the final composite.

with all images taken it was time to edit all …


final image

Solan de Cabras_Rui Bandeira Fotografia_Fotografia de Produto e comercial_Porto

Thanks to Ibermagem and Innovafoto
Image made with Profoto B1

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2 comentários a “bts – Water Solán de Cabras EN”

  1. James diz:

    Amazing pictures and love the set up shots as well.

  2. Mike diz:

    Muito bom Rui, parabéns!

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